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We have been in the video business for long enough to realize 2 things:

One- videos look better when they also sound better. That is, you want the voiceover to be incredible.

Imagine a rusty piece of metal scraping against the wall, or chewbacca recording the voiceover for your next sales video.

And Two - while you can automate voiceover part of sales videos, it usually ends up sounding mechanical. And tiring.

Not something you’d like to listen to or buy from, right? A bad voice over will negatively affect your sales.

VideoDyno is a GREAT software to build your sales scripts.

Select your language and voice

Paste your text into VoiceReel

Generate your audio

Build a VOICE Like You Want It To Sound Like - Voice Customization

Voices created with VoiceReel are COMPLETELY customizable - after all that is how we make them human-like.

  • 107 Different languages
  • 461 VoiceOvers
  • No API Needed
  • No BS Credit System
  • Voice Customisation
  • Create Voice That Sounds Like You
  • Save Voice Customisation
  • Download Voices
  • Merge VoiceOvers That You Created
  • Edit them
  • Cloud Based

VoiceReel Founders Licence

EXCLUSIVE to VideoDyno Customers!

And then turn those scripts into video ads and sales videos.

BUT - it is NOT a voiceover creator.

I am backing VoiceReel as the most first to market video builder and publisher for any social media. We have been using it internally for over 3 months now and are bringing it to you after getting REAL results.

But I want to be 100% fair with you. So, I am going to ask you to ONLY give VoiceReel a try for 14 days. Create and publish a few videos and get views and leads.

And if at any time during this period, you feel that VoiceReel doesn’t meet your expectations somehow…

…just drop us a message at Support Desk and get your full refund processed instantly.

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No API Keys Needed. No Credits or Limits. Copy-Paste Text, Click 2 Buttons & Generate AI Powered Human-Like Sales VoiceOver In Minutes

So what are your options? You can stick with the robotic voiceover you get with VideoDyno. Or other tools. 

Or, you can choose to record the voice-over yourself, but it can be time-consuming. You can also outsource it. But commercial voiceover artists cost hundreds of dollars. This is the path we usually take and spend at least $2,000 every month on voiceovers. Expensive, right?

So what if you could - within minutes, and without spending $2,000 - add AMAZING voice-overs to your sales videos. Voice overs that are completely customizable, so they can have a more human-sounding voice, without the need for paying someone else.

...And Others Will Pay You For This

And what if you could turn around and create voice-overs for other people, and get paid handsomely for a few minutes of work?

That’s right - with what I am about to share, you can use the built-in commercial license to share voice overs with other people.

...and set up a factory of voice-overs that get you paid DAY IN, DAY OUT!

And here’s the best part - you can do this without any creative or technical skills! 

Simple copy - paste - click. No need for an API - this is as plug-and-play as it gets.

For the very first time, we want to introduce you to our flagship voice-over tool

No API Keys - No Credits or BS Limitations - Go Unlimited

Human-Like Text To Speech - The Way It Should Be!

VoiceReel turns any boring old text into a human-sounding voice.

This couldn’t be simpler :) 

A complete human-sounding voice is delivered to you in minutes.

You can use these voice-overs with audacity, Camtasia, after effects, any of our ReelApps, and of course - VideoDyno!







Vice-over Sample 10

Vice-over Sample9

Vice-over Sample11

Vice-over Sample12 

We are offering you something INCREDIBLE with VoiceReel.

The process to create these voices is MUCH faster and MUCH MORE affordable than any other service out there. And the best part - you have over 461 voice overs to choose from and pick from 107 different languages.

You get:

languages from Amazon and

Plus, 107 languages are translatable from Google Translate.


languages from Google and

Here are some of the languages covered:

VoiceReel is easy to manage and allows full customization capabilities. It takes 3 simple steps to create BEAUTIFUL and human-like audio:

With this app, you can choose these settings:

Select Emphasis

Select Say As

Select Break

Select Pitch

Select Speed

Select Stress Level

Select Effects

Set Paragraph Breaks

Set Sentence Breaks

Take a Breath

The process to create these voices is MUCH faster and MUCH MORE affordable than any other service out there. And the best part - you have over 461 voice overs to choose from and pick from 107 different languages.

Listen - creating sales-worthy voiceovers is no easy task. While we speak perfect English, even the audio in this video was not created by us. We are willing to invest in people and technologies to increase our sales. So should you.

Typically, outsourcing simple 10-minute audio will cost you close to $100, that is - if you don’t get reusable (or commercial) rights to the audio.

But with VoiceReel - you also get Commercial rights. Now, you ONLY need to pay once (and that is under $100).

And no extra charges if you want to offer these to a client.

One time payment covers you - completely.



languages from Microsoft and








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